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The association of Latvian Castles, Palaces and Manors
The unique heritage of the castles and estates preserves its values by revealing new and new evidence of self-awareness. Preserved and transferable to future generations as a potential for socio-economic growth


The challenge was not only to meet current requirements, but also those that would be in future projects, in whatever forms they would come.
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At the Christmas concert Jaunauce
  < br / >   < br / >   < br / >   < br / >                               Jaunauce castle ruin Christmas with magnificent fir tree in the lobby at the concert "believing in love and waiting". Rock songs that have withstood the test of time and do all the generations of listeners: Imanta Gerrard, group "The Beatles", John lūsēna, Uldis Marhilēviča composer melodies, etc. Of course, the kind of traditional Christmas songs < br / >.                             Songs   guitar music sung in Jelgava 4 and 3 high school students. course Aivis Antonov and Annie Rencberga < br / >.                               at 18 00 December 22. expected < br / > everyone!                               Entrance: free < br / >.                               Since the central door is restored, the entrance to the palace by the eastern door < br / >.   < br / >  
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Winter Saulgrieži Jērcēnmuižā!
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Mission gastronomiskā „New Year”
On New Year's Eve, Diklu Castle   7 different child one night restaurants < br / >
From December 31 at 14:00 < br / > As the New Year to submit to the whole year and why did it start K A R A L I S K I excellent Diklu Castle Gastronomiskajā mission as “New Year” < br / >?   < br / > The offer includes: < br / > – holiday dinner buffet „Latvijas taste” < br / > From 14:00 you sign in at a hotel. A warm dinner buffet from -17 p.m. 15:00: 00 < br / >.
– pop-up restaurant concept – a tour of the palace with food enjoyment at 7 different locations
  • Two snack bars – pins, wine and beer < br / >. Tartaru restaurant – 3 different types of tartaru castle of killed wild game. Finished – Janis Silins < br / >. Oyster restaurant – Oysters “break” will help Martin old. When the pleasure, of course, a sparkling wine < br / >. Wine and cheese restaurant – a great wine, cheese, and bread baked in the palace < br / >. Dessert The Studio – a paradise for children, and not only offers 5 different desserts, liqueur wine, coffee and tea < br / >. The restaurant – the final stop Diklu Castle before going on New Year's Eve party in a barn on the grass. Warm traditional holiday dinner and delicious wine. This will be a place where all of our guests will meet in one place and eat her meal together.
From p.m. until 19:00 23:00 will welcome 7 dāžādos pop-up restaurants, 7, 7 Palace in different places and different tematikās spirit, with 7 different food offers, including a drink at each of the restaurants. Two of the seven restaurants meet our evening šefpavārus cheek – John Siliņu Sela and Martin. Taste on a journey and adventure going after our prepared plāna.   < br / > – live music, dance group CREDO, and night holiday buffet < br / > After 23:00 jointly go to the barn, where the buildings will continue in the New Year's Eve celebration with   songs, dance and holiday buffet until tomorrow morning. 24 p.m.: 00 the Diklu caste holiday fireworks < br / >!
– Diklu Castle or the luxurious camping barn < br / > – delicious breakfast on the master invoice and late check-out until 14:00 < br / > The evening will be smaller measure children's room, where the guests and look after our Fairy – playing games, drawing, painting and other creative < br / > second-round effects. Our New Year's Eve taste patrons: < br / > Janis Silins – Diklu Castle chef < br / > Martin old – gourmet guru and just a good person < br / >   < br / > 2 char / 449.00 EUR. (nakšņojot palace room) < br / > 2 char / 429.00 EUR. (nakšņojot barn room) < br / > 3 g.v. * children for free, 3-12, over 12 g.v. g.v. 70.00 EUR 190.00 EUR < br / > 1 char / 180.00 EUR. (without accommodation) < br / >   < br / > The price includes all meals offered in restaurants and a glass of matching spirit drink at each of the restaurants, as well as the night of the holiday buffet in the barn. Bar with a separate offer and the premium will be part of the formal evening   – in the barn.
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2017.07.15 date events
Latvija LV

30.11.-0001 - 29.09.2017
Lietuvas Tūrisma mārketinga asociācijas delegācijas vizīte Vidzemes pilīs un muižās
Latvija LV

Lietuvas Tūrisma mārketinga asociācijas delegācijas vizīte Vidzemes pilīs un muižās

19.07.2016 - 17.10.2017
Pieredzes apmaiņas brauciens uz Čehiju un Slovākiju
Latvija LV

Pieredzes apmaiņas brauciens uz Čehiju un Slovākiju

21.09.2016 - 17.10.2017
The exchange of experience on a trip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Machine Translation)
Latvija LV

The exchange of experience on a trip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Machine Translation)

22.09.2016 - 17.10.2017
The exchange of experience on a trip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Machine Translation)
Latvija LV

The exchange of experience on a trip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Machine Translation)

23.09.2016 - 17.10.2017
The exchange of experience on a trip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Machine Translation)
Latvija LV

The exchange of experience on a trip to the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Machine Translation)

24.09.2016 - 17.10.2017
“1836” Project ​ Leišmalītes move Jelgavas district (Machine Translation)
Latvija LV

“1836” Project ​ Leišmalītes move Jelgavas district (Machine Translation)

2017. on 2 July 1.,
Saturday 1 July
to walk from Svitenes Eleja Manor Park (~ 26 km)
at 9:00 – Svitenē at Liepārs river (ENCOUNTER LOCATION)
Trucks are left in place after assembly, night drivers take after them.
9:40 – travel, planned to walk approximately 26 km.
At 13:00 Lunch pause at his mistress's League Rozenbahas home “Pārupji”. We are plied with her cook soup (lunch provides Jelgava municipality self-government).
Stay in Eleja estate – tents. Provide all the necessary – tent, sleeping bags, etc.. matracīši Will be available water and wc.
18.30 p.m. dinner (dinner provides Jelgava municipality self-government). Glassware, tableware – each with its own.
Vakarēšana – fire Eleja, songs and viewing the park on the estate.
Sunday 2 July
Eleja walk from the park to draw natural park (~ 31 km)
at 8:00 breakfast. Will be available on the hot water for breakfast, but each thinks himself. Glassware, tableware – each with its own.
At 8:45 – AFTER breakfast all drivers take their cars to the finishing point and is brought back to breakfast, then jointly go hiking.
At 9:15 bus from Traction natural park / Traction estate (LOCATION)
at 10:00 going to draw natural park – planned to walk approximately 31 km.
13.30 p.m. lunch Blankenfeldes Manor (dinner provides Jelgava municipality self-government)
at 17:30 1836 for burial
at 18:36 concert Traction Manor
at 20:00 going home

For more information on the move:
the May Jaunzeme, 26199366

Pateicībā Jelgava municipality self-government for lunch and dinner, call for donations Eleja Manor Park tea house renovation.
It may also take the form of the transfer of the Oblation Board:
Jelgava municipality self-government with Eleja tea for the purchase of
AS Swedbank – LV27HABA 0551026845154
Address: mail iela 37, Riga, Latvia, LV-3001
Registration Number: 90009118031
Status: 63022238; 27880167
Fax: 63022235
(Machine Translation)

01.07.2017 - 17.10.2017
Executive Board meeting LPMA Abgunstes Manor (Machine Translation)
Latvija LV

Executive Board meeting LPMA Abgunstes Manor (Machine Translation)

04.07.2017 - 17.10.2017
The Ziemeļvidzemi LPMA exchange of experience (Machine Translation)
Latvija LV

The Ziemeļvidzemi LPMA exchange of experience (Machine Translation)

11.07.2017 - 17.10.2017
Latvija LV

Veselavas Manor Park (Machine Translation)

Zaļumballe games group, "Field   musicians"
23.00 p.m.
The entrance fee     EUR 6.00 (Machine Translation)

14.07.2017 - 15.07.2017
Latvija LV

His Simon concert (Machine Translation)

simply   Harald Simon   all his music concert Padures muižā, cienītājiem, draugiem, relatives and acquaintances … The concert, the start of 19.00., depending on the weather or the hall of the castle will take place either at the park  
terrace that morning.
as usual will also be   Smilškalnu Wine tēja.  

3 eiro

  (Machine Translation)

Latvija LV

15 July Dundagas daudzināšanas festival « From the county to county » (Machine Translation)

15 July Dundagas parish 150 years svētki.
Dundagas evaņģēli luteriskā church
11.00 gala concert at ieskaņas « Klasikas pearls and the song of the skylark the ». Ilze Ērģelniece René, soprano Jolanta Strikaite-Lapiņa. In J.S.Bahs V.A.Mocarts F.Šūberts,,, and other A.Žilinskis
. Dundagas Castle Park Stage
12.00 p.m. holiday
detection.The council
salutation.Kolka brass band, Eriņu-Vorkaļu   singing family   ensemble « forget », duņdžiņsievas, improv theater « crazy » from Riga
etc.The 20.00 p.m. game   « Quick Info Guide in loving ». The price of the ticket in 4,00, students and pensioners   €— 2,00 €, pre-school age children entrance free of charge
22.30 p.m.   party. Game Group « high ». The price of the ticket in 3,00  
€.in the park of the Chateau Dundagas
Workshops, trading,
rides, etc.Horse-riding (for a fee).
The soap bubble attraction with « Martin bubbles ». Take the empty small soap bubbles
dishes!at the high school Dundagas
46. the National Guard at 13.00   infantry battalion — information about the activities of the National Guard, children attractions and relay with prizes, weapons and equipment rack, face kamuflēšanas point fotosiena, where will bother to professional military painted background
.high school Dundagas
Students   creative works — lengthy Dundagas parish simtpiecdesmitgadei whose motto is « Integrate Dundaga, Weezie's ». The exhibition shows the 3. – 12. class pupils drawings showing Dundaga Dundaga today and in the future, and 11 graders works. « Dundagas palace »
.in the square in front of the palace Dundagas
Duņdžiņa mīcītava
.at Dundagas palace
as of March.the courtyard of the Dundagas
12.00 p.m.: opening of the Castle sētsvids
.At 17.00 « Ģierts and consults on Jāpaks skuol »
.At 17.30 active Dundagas municipality associations, citizens' associations and operators fete « Honour honor comes toward »
.the castle in the small Dundagas
From 12.00 p.m. exhibition « My flowers and a cake Dundagai »
.15.00 p.m. natives cake will Ingus Reizenbergi Andris and that it is not only the famous but also the bartenders, cooks and graduate
pastry chef.Cake bakers' the great hall of the castle Dundagas
At 16.00 – 17.00 presentation « Dundaga time circles »
.At 18.30 Martin Luther table
speech.Children and Youth Center call Ensemble concert
.the Exhibition
Kolonzālē — Bob in the last week Enzeļa  
photography exhibition.The small gym — Rita Leles and accountant ’ Schmidt's to-day painting exhibition
.On the third floor of the palace — Dundagas art and music school students
works.  (Machine Translation)

Latvija LV

The festival will open an exhibition on the city Tukums railway line of the Rīga - Mexico City (Machine Translation)

From 14 to 16 July in Tukums urban festival with the theme „mating games Chicago”. July each year during the traditionally Tukums city history museum „Palace tower” tukumniekiem guests and the city's gift - a thematic exhibition. This year, 15 July 11:00 Freedom Square will be an open exhibition „Next stop - Chicago”, which focuses on the railway line of the Rīga – Chicago 140. anniversary and it underlines the importance of the urban life gradually   Tukums (Machine Translation)

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