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The association of Latvian Castles, Palaces and Manors
The unique heritage of the castles and estates preserves its values by revealing new and new evidence of self-awareness. Preserved and transferable to future generations as a potential for socio-economic growth


The challenge was not only to meet current requirements, but also those that would be in future projects, in whatever forms they would come.
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Mr Stanislav Yudin & Asnate Rancane
16 December Lūznavas Judina Red Hall estate will be Stanislas and Asnates Rancānes concert.
Stanislaw Judin seek inspiration ethnic music, Asnate Rancāne - improvizācijā.
Mr Stanislav Yudin & Asnate Rancane duet from ideas to combine different musical
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"THE EU BELONG TO the acoustic Winter Koncertprogramma YOU - YOU ’
At 19.00 December 16. the Chairman Hall a sincere and fluid, full of Christmas in the EU BELONG TO "koncertprogramma YOU - YOU ’.
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Holiday brunch Palace
December is our favorite month and for the honor of the same party want to meet with you and to share holiday feeling together. In December 17, at 12:00 – 15:00 < br / >! Holiday brunch of Diklu Castle chef John Prescott
  • rich
    cold and hot food holiday breakfast table < br / > delicious desserts < br / > gingerbread decoration master-class children (at 13:30)
Price: 20.00 EUR (children from 4-12 g.v. 12.00 EUR / Pers, children under 4 free .g.v.) < br / > * price includes: water, coffee, tea < br / >   < br / > Unfortunately, or fortunately, but space is limited, so reservations netalieciet to the last moment. Reservations:, 26515445 or 64207480. < br / > Our holidays to beautiful and bright standby time! Meet Diklu Castle soon.
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2017.12.09 date events
Latvija LV

TALKS AND STĀSTI.Tikšanās with book authors Karyn Račko torn lace

In its third year, the active activity Lūznavas deal calls for a new conversation and a cycle, which will permeate the literature related stories and inspiring personality. The measure provided for in the first cycle of the 9 December at 15.00, when meeting with the Latvian authorities expected best-seller, erotic novel "torn mezģīnes" authors Karyn Račko.
Several years before the victory parade in the world began to book series "Grey's fifty shades," but now the erotic novel has also in Latvia. "Torn lace" author, openly and courageously writing about men and women slēptākajām wishes, completely destroys the myth of the Latvian shyness. Book publishers, publishers' Star ABC "concludes that the part of the reader, other novel shocking - but both attracted no. Daily Račko Karyn's profession was medicine, so it is not surprising that the operation takes place in the medical community. What is the author, whose debut novel, tension and sensuality in" torn lace "opens a new page in the history of English literature, will be able to clarify Lūznavas Manor.
The story and the measures intended to continue the cycle in 2018. The entrance fee negotiations story cycle and the first time, included in the price of wine is 3,00 EUR glāze.Biļetes sarūpējamas" Biļešu Paradise "offices throughout Latvia and on the Internet. Number of jobs to save the cosy atmosphere, limited. More about the authors:

Latvija LV

Veselavas estate

.18 .00
Second Advent ieskaņu concert "My World".
Female vocal ensemble "Dziedātprieks" of Salacgriva
EUR 3.00 entrance fee

Latvija LV

The river at the Christmas concert ieskaņas

At 13.00 December 9. the annual concert will take place on the river “Nikolausa gift”. This year, visitors will be old dance group “Ballare” with “Pride and prejudices” koncertprogrammu   < br / >. Near the end of the year and strode to the moment when the river will be the 780 anniversary of the birth of beautiful history. Anniversary year will conclude with a Christmas concert ieskaņas „Nikolausa gift”, which will be held in 22. time already. Here's a look at this old dance group “Ballare” in the latest programme – Empire or Napoleon's time < br / > dance. “Ballare” (from the Italian language - dance) is an ancient dance group, which was founded in 2000. Its repertoire and dancer costumes depicting the XIV – centuries in various European countries. Both the costumes and the dance is close to historical truth: “Ballare” they dance steps in and depicted with painstaking care, which was once the ancient dance master blamed, but the dancers were carefully designed for each period in accordance with the original reconstruction karstākajām fashion trends < br / >. “Ballare” out of the river with the concert “Pride and prejudices” that viewers would remember more already favourite films by Jane Austen novel themes: “The mind and sensitivity”, “Pride and prejudices”, “Emma”, as well as partly here to us recently captured BBC īsseriālu Rundale Castle “War and Peace”. Viewers will be able to get into the social mood and concert at the party to join and learn some dance < br / >. We look forward to seeing you at 13.00 December 9. in the river. The entrance to the palace for donations restaurācijai.  

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