Taurupe Manor

    The Taurupe Manor was an inveterate heirloom of the house of Von Pallens, when it became the property of Rosens’ family in 1694. Von Budenbrocks preempt this manor in 1742, but later the proprietors changed – in 1780 it is owned by Von Wolfs, then starting from the 1784 it is owned by family of A.H. Von Grott. The last owner of this manor Von Transe, who was shot in the time of revolution of 1905.

    The building on the land of Taurupe manor was already finished in the 17th century, but at the time of the Northern War it was partly desolated and burned down. The manor buildings were built anew in 1724. The household buildings - gardener’s house and washhouse were built in the time of 18th-19th centuries, but the granary was built of boulders at the time of Von Grott at the end of the 18th century. The manor-house was ravaged for many times on and now it might be seen in completely rebuilt sight. Primarily the manor-house was rebuilt in the Tudor Neo-Gothic Style for Von Transe after the project of architect W.L.N. Bockslaff. This two-storied building with Neo-Gothic pediments, also called the “White-house” burned down in 1905. Later it was renovated and there was placed local school in 1938. The English picturesque landscape manor park is surrounded with alleys and was made by E. Von Transe in the middle of the 19th century.

    After the later fire there were done the renovating works and by the reconstructing of the roof was built the 3rd store. For the present day the Taurupe manor-house is used by the Taurupe High-School.

      Address: Ogres novads, Taurupes pagasts, Taurupes vidusskola, LV-5064


      Prepared by: K. Veinberga, J. Zviedrāns

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      _Address: Taurupes vidusskola, p/n Taurupe, LV-5064 Taurupe Rural Commune Ogre District