Turaida Museum Reserve - Turaida Castle and Manor

    The Turaida irregularly planned Bishop’s Castle was built in 1214. Castle’s portentous dwelling tower - Don John – was built in the 13th century. The old medieval castle was regularly extended up to the 17th century.

    Now the picturesque castle is a part of Turaida Museum-reserve. Systematic archaeological excavations and restoration works take place in the territory of the castle. Visitors there can see an exposition about the castle history and ancient Livs’ life at the Gauja River (11th–13th centuries) in the restored buildings.

    The Turaida Manor household center exists for more that 300 years. Present manor-house was built in the middle of the 19th century and it is shaped in the forms of “Swiss house” that was popular for that time. Manor complex includes 14 ponds, also fish ponds and fish cellar. In smithy there is a smith’s workshop, premises for thematic works and workshop of woodworks. There also is an exhibition in the bath-house.

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      Ilze Kisila, Turaidas muzejrezervāts

      Prepared by: Ilze Kisila, Turaidas muzejrezervāts.

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