Zala or Zalenieki (the Green) Manor

  • Arhitektūras stils: Baroks

In written sources by 1698 this manor is mentioned as a hunting residence. For that time there was great Duke's manor-house that consisted of the old structure and the new outbuilding. The Late Baroque style palace was built at the time of Duke Ernst Jochan Bierons in 1768-1775. It was projected by architect Severin Yensen. There has preserved original wide concaved vestibule with columnes, hearthe with the family coat of arms, partly preserved decorative interior finish and unique wall paintings that are dated with the middle of the 18th century and are mostly covered with parget of later period. Other parts of interior finish such as windows, doors, parquetry and stairs are dated with the middle of the 19th century, when was made the reconstruction of the interior at the time of Baron von Sheping. The architectural ensemble of the manor complex also includes household buildings in styles from Baroque till Russian Classicism (Empire style). Stables at the palace were rebuilt at the beginning of the 19th and also at the beginning of the 20th century. The servants' house is situated besides the distillery building near the palace. The forger's house is located at the main road to the manor complex. Servants' houses were built in the middle of the 19th century close to each other so creating an interesting enesemble in a distance from the palace on the other side of the road. This part of the manor complex also includes household buildings. Now the former manor houses the local Trade Schoold.

The wide French style orchard was planted at the manor-house in the 17th century and renovated later in the 18th century. The picturesque landscape park was created in the middle of the 19th century. The planning was inspired by the natural relief that was concluded with system of artificial ponds. At the front of the palace the park has regular shaped garden part that is surrounded with the landscpe park and ponds.

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