Svete Manor

    Duke of Courland Ernst Jochann Bieron is mentioned as one of the first of proprietors of this estate in 1732. August III the King of Poland officially established the feudal right to the Svēte manor as a part of Vircava estate for Bieron's House in 1736. From the middle of the 18th century manor was managed by Peter Bieron. In 1795 manor became the state property. It was used by Russian Army at the beginning of the 19th century. Ludvig the Duke of Wirtemberg became the leaseholder of Svēte Palace in 1804. Military department started to manage this estate officially in 1870. Buildings of the manor complex were used by Soviet Army after the 2nd World War till 1993. Former manor-house by reference data was built in 30s of the 18th century at the side of Svēte River. E.J.Bieron - Duke of Courland lived there after return from exile. His son Peter Bieron rebuilt palace into a summer residence by the project of architect Severin Yansen in 1774-1775. Palace had marked central part and long outbuildings at the sides. Orangery and art gallery were positioned on the 2nd floor level of side wings. The decorative interior finish of Oval Hall and small capitals of fasade pilasters were moulded by sculptor J.M.Graf. Duke Peter Bieron celebrated his engagement with Dorothy von Medem (and also the bridal)in Svēte Palace in 1779. For the time of visit of Lois XVIII - King of France to Jelgava Palace, Svēte was used by his court. There were stables and servants' houses at the palace, as well as regular French garden. After 1795 estate was the state property and there were built barracks for cavalry and one wing of palace was used for the needs of army church. Complete rebuilding for the army needs was made in 1876-1878. There were made new coverings, ceilings, windows, roof of the central part, decorations of the facade were destroyed by hammering. As result from the original Baroque treasure there preserved only main constructions. Household buildings also were rebuilt for the new functions, there were erected many new buildings and made new roads for the needs of army corps.

      Address: Jelgavas novads, Svētes pagasts, Svēte, Lielsvētes iela 18 k-1, LV-3008


      Prepared by: K. Veinberga, J. Zviedrāns, papild.D.A.

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      _Address: Lielsvētes 16, post off. Svēte, LV-3010 Svete Rural Commune Jelgava District