Asare Manor Complex and Park

    Asare Manor-house was built in 1749. After 1840 large modernisation works took place. Building acquired new Tudor Neo-Gothic exterior and was the eldest example of revival of this Historicism tentence in Augszeme region. Two aisles were built facing the park. One of them was built with stepped pediment. Southern wing was partitioned in two sections. One of them housed Orangery, where under glass roof the constant high temperature guaranteed the best climate for palm-trees and goldfishes that inhabited indoor pond. There were wide dark cellars under the castle with five underground passages to different points of the manor. Many household buildings were walled up around the manor-house. Fruit-barn (1853), Servants' House (1836), Smithy (1851), Granary (1843), Major-domo's House (middle of the 19th century), Servants' Outbuilding, Pub, Mortuary, Old Bewery (1849), New Spirit Destillary (1886), Destillary's Household Building, Destillary's Manager's House (1899) and cowshed were built. Asare Evangelic Lutheran Church concludes the architectural ensemble of the manor complex.

    Manor-house burned down in fire in January, 1926. Picturesque ruins of the manor-house, household complex, 19th century 6.4 ha wide landscape park and dendrology park have preserved to the present day.

      Address: Aknīstes novads, Asares pagasts, Asare, Vecmuiža, LV-5210
      Phone: 26401153, 65229500


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      Prepared by: L. Lupiķe, D. Albina, papild. D.Paegle

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      _Address: "Vecmuiža", post off. Asare, LV-5210 Asare Rural Commune Jekabpils District