Kabile Manor

  • Arhitektūras stils: Baroks

In its origins part of the manor lands was owned by Heinrich von Soblech (around 1580). Duke Wilhelm gave this feud to Matthias II von der Recke in 1619. Manor became the property of Jochan Ditrich von Behr in 1687. Since 1810 it was owned by Count Heinrich von Keiserling, who sold this property to Otto von Lieven in 1854. After the death of his son Kabile manor was managed by widow Baroness von Wolf born von der Recke. She lost her rights on the lands of the manor after the agrarian reform in 1920.

Architerctural complex of the manor developed since the 17th century. Eldest buildings of the complex are the Old Manor-house that was built in the 17th century and the stable. Buildings are situated around the regulary shaped yard. At the one side lies granary and the house of majordomo, Old Manor-house and stable can be seen opposite the New Manor-house. Servants' houses were built in a distance from the main road to the yard. Current Baroque Manor-house was built for Eleonora von Behr in the 3rd quarter of the 18th century. In he White Hall still preserved one of the unique decorative interiors finishes of the Rococo period. There also have preserved decorations lied on at the time of reconstruction of the 60s of the 19th century.

Regulary shaped garden was made at the manor-house in the 18th century. Later in the middle of the 19th century there was added landscape park with pond. Origins of the park were made by Count Heinrich von Keiserling and von Lieven continued planting different exotic trees and plants in the garden and wood park.

    Address: Kuldīgas novads, Kabiles pagasts, Kabile, Pils iela 3, LV-3314


    Prepared by: K. Veinberga, J. Zviedrāns

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    _Address: Kabile Manor, post off. Kabile, LV-3314. Kabile Rural Commune Kuldiga District