Cirsti Manor

  • Arhitektūras stils: Neogotika

Building of the manor complex developed on the left bank of the Ogre River. Former wooden houses later were replaced by brick and stone buildings. The new manor-house was built at the place of an elder in year 1886. Today still can by seen remained ruins of different household buildings from the 19th century and partly preserved tower. Cirsti manor-house was burned at the time of revolutionary unrests in 1905, later there was local school, but in 2000 impressive reconstruction works took place. Now visitors can see renovated 2-store manor-house, what is one of the most beautifull examples of Neo-gothic red brick architecture in Latvia countryside.

    Address: Vecpiebalgas novads, Inešu pagasts, Cirsti, Cirstu Pils, LV-4123
    Phone: 29137194, 29212990


    Prepared by: K. Veinberga, J. Zviedrāns, D. Albina

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    _Address: Cirsti Manor, post off. Inesi, LV-4123 Inesi Rural Commune Cesis District LV 4123