Mercendarbe Manor

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Till the 2nd half of the 18th century this manor was the property of Courland Duke Peter Bieron. Baron Fridrich Georg von Lieven bought this estate in 1786 for 31,000 dalders. Carl von Lieven was the proprietor of the manor in 1840-1881. In 1882 the proprietress was his wife Nadina. After her death Nadina's sons Alex and Alexander were managing Mercendarbe Manor with all its lands and lakes. The last proprietor Baron Carlos von Lieven managed manor till repatriation during the 1st World War and kept his rights on this property till the agrarian reform in 1920. Since 1939 building is used as children house. Now the old historic manor-house is managed by Baldone Children House.

Mercendarbe Manor-house was built as Baron von Lieven's summer and hunting house in the 18th century. The second floor was built in 1914. Great gable is situated in the central facade of the building. Semicircular porch with columns is supporting the 2nd-floor balcony. There have preserved Rococo style entrance door leafs (2nd half of the 18th century) that were renovated in 2001.

    Address: Baldones novads, Baldones lauku teritorija, Bernāti, LV-2125


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