Vadakste Manor

  • Arhitektūras stils: Vēlais klasicisms

Vadakste Manor was a property of von Bistrams House till the early 20th century. Architectural ensemble of the manor complex developed at the side of the Vadakste River. The Old manor-house was built in the 2nd half of the 18th century and later used as a servants' house. This is 1-strorey masonry structure, its walls were planked later. There have preserved original Classicism style entrance doors and window mountings. Present household buildings were erected in the early 19th century. The New Neo-Classicism style manor-house was built after the design of architect L Reinir in 1911-1914 in honour of wedding of young baron Paul von Bistram with Eleonora von Behr. Wide wooden stairs are leading from the hall with Art Nouveau style hearth right to the 1st floor. The Oval Hall niches hide decorative ceramic tile stoves. All manor complex is surrounded with late 18th - 19th century park with many rare kinds of trees and plants. Park was modernized in the early 20th century by baron von Bistram. Since 1923 former manor-house is used by Vadakste Elementary School.

  • Built in: 1914
Address: Saldus novads, Vadakstes pagasts, Vadakste, Skola, LV-3895
Phone: 63841216


Prepared by: K. Veinberga, J. Zviedrāns

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_Address: Vadakstes pamatskola, p/n Vadakste, LV-3895 Vadakste Rural Commune Saldus District