Dikli Manor

    Dikli Manor was the property of von Wolfs' in the 19th century. Dikli Palace was built for Baron P. von Wolf in 1896. Covering forms of the central facade are repeating type-lines of mansard roofs' side risalites. That kind of treatment of German Beo-Broque style is not a copy of abroad masterpieces, but unique creation using international language of style and adapting it to the local culture enviroment. Mansard was rebuilt in continous years, so a bit of Baroque charm was wasted. There have preserved most of decorative interior finish. Now this building is managed by leaseholders.

      Address: Valmieras novads, Dikļu pagasts, Dikļi, Dikļu pils, LV-4223
      Phone: 64207480, 26515445
      E-mail: pils@diklupils.lv
      WWW: www.diklipalacehotel.com


      Bruģis D. Historisma pilis Latvijā. R: Sorosa Fonds - Latvija, 1997.;
      Kalnačs J. Dikļu muiža. Vēsturiskās ziņas. Arhitektūras piemineklis. - Valmiera:2000. g. jūnijs, 3. lpp (materiāls glabājas LPMA arhīvā).

      Prepared by: D. Albina, L. Lupiķe, D. Upmane

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      _Address: Dikli Dikli Rural Commune Valmiera District LV 4223