Zvartava Manor

  • Olden title: Adsel-Schwartzhof

Tudor Neo-gothic style Zvartava manor-house was built in 1881. There is well-preserved dark wood-carved Neo-Gothic interior finish. Façade is decorated with red brick walling, most of 2-floored building is structured of limestone. Interesting significance of the house is a little polygonal tower at the main facade.

Former proprietors: History of this manor is related with families of barons von Zoekell and von Versen. Till 1781 Zvartava belonged to Gaujiena feud, it was heirloom of Bernhard’s Reinhold’s von Delvig’s son lieutenant baron Peter von Delvig. Proprietors of Zvartava manor (by Eduards Dunsdorfs):

1627 - Rôdinger, heir of Shwarchoff family;

1629 – manor with Gaujiena manor both are appropriated to Banner;

1638 – state marshal Axel Banner;

18 century – Delvig family;

1783 – Skotus family;

1820 – Hafrath Skotus court councillor (over 336 man, 379 women).

1858 – Luise von Zoekell

  • Built in: 1881
  • Managed by: Union of Artists of Latvia
  • Liaison person: Janis Ozolins, Artists' Union, 11. Novembra krastmala 35, Riga, LV-1050
  • Additional information: Activities: art displays, symposiums, seminars, projects.
    Services: hotel with 9 rooms for up to 40 persons.
    Catering: by previous agreement.
    Open: all seasons, call in advance is recommended.

Address: Apes novads, Gaujienas pagasts, Zvārtava, Zvārtavas pils, LV-4339
Phone: 64300327, 29454543
Fax: 67226066
E-mail: vvitalijs@gmail.com
WWW: www.zvartavaspils.lv


1. Jānis Zilgalvis. Neogotika Latvijas arhitektūrā. - Zinātne, 2005, 97. lpp.

Prepared by: papild.D.A., D. Upmane

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_Address: Zvārtavas muiža Gaujiena Rural Commune Aluksne District LV 4339