Ungurmuiza Manor

    In the feud document of Archbishop Jochan von Vallenrode by 1399, 19 Urele manor hamlets are mentioned as the parts of Rozula Castle lands. These posterior lands of Ungurmuiža estate became the property of Carsten von Rosen, who created there manor in 1451. Bartold Rostyerve owned this estate since 1463. By marrige this heirloom became the property of von Ungerns house till the middle of the 17th century. Their family name also gave the place-name Ungurmuiža - Manor of Ungurs. Lieutenant-general landlord Baltasar von Campenhausen bought this estate from General L.N. von Hallarda in 1728. His family managed this manor till 1939.

    In its origins till the beginning of the 18th century buildings of the manor complex were situated around the rectangluar yard. There was created new architectural ensemble around the yard in 1731. The new dominant was the Manor-house built in 1732. The Granary (1738) and Stable (1750, burned down in 1880) were built at the opposite side of the yard. The Baroque wooden manor-house is built in elegant constructions. In its origins the decoration of interior finish also was elegant and reticent. Painting master from Limbaži Town G.D. Hinš created the widest and richiest wall paintings and ceiling plafonds of Baroque age in Vidzeme region working from 1750 till 1762. At the other side of the manor-house so called Linden-tree Garden - regulary shaped Baroque garden was created in 1733 presumptive by gardener Heisel. The Tea-House at the of the garden opposite the manor-house was built in 1753. Behind the front yard the wide landscape park with ponds and large oak-trees was made. In a distance von Campenhausens' family Vault was built in 1758-1760. At the second half of the 19th century the household function was remooved outside the central part of the manor complex to the Mill Pond, where the new stables, cowsheds, granary, threshing barn and servants' houses were built. All unuseful household buildings in the centre of manor at the yard were striked down, so creating the wide sightseeing viewpoints to the picturesque landscape.

    The reconstruction works are taking place in the manor-house, so called Little Unguriņs - small house at the side of the garden also in under reparation.

      Address: Pārgaujas novads, Raiskuma pagasts, Ungurmuiža, LV-4146
      Phone: 64164195, 22007332
      E-mail: info@ungurmuiza.lv
      WWW: www.ungurmuiza.lv



      Prepared by: K. Veinberga, J. Zviedrāns

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      _Address: “Ungurmuiža” Raiskums Rural Commune Cesis District LV 4146